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Audio Season 2 Episode 4 William Davis on MakerSpaces

November 10, 2021


William Davis is an entrepreneur who set up FabLab in the USA  (see  ) and is also one of the founding members of the Nation of Makers ( ), an organization established under the Obama administration to help manufacturing return to the USA.  He has over 20 years of retail experience with CostCo in a variety of sales and product roles, and recently has moved over to Ireland to pursue an MBA at NUI Galway.

William has just started with the UCD Innovation Academy as a “Creative Makers Facilitator” – see  

William’s Plus One - Don't be afraid of technology- you have to jump in at some point. Buy the $150 3D printer, look up some YouTube videos, "Get messy, make some mistakes.." Ask stupid questions on Reddit and Facebook forums... reach out to your peers, join discussion groups. Get it done!

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