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Video episode 4 - Dr Leo Kilroy on education in Europe

May 8, 2021


“Diversity works…”.  A fascinating insight into how the EU educational space will affect educators in all spheres and what’s coming for us all as opportunities to engage, collaborate and co-create across Europe.

We talk about starting in a small rural school in the West of Ireland, working with The Ark, seizing opportunities when they come along, and the transformational experience of doing a Doctorate in Education. Leo’s work in helping to establish the European Education Area to promote co-operation in education across Europe.  Equity, Access & Inclusion policy, and the European Universities Initiative & Erasmus – innovative partnership between institutions on co-created programmes, different forms of learning sharing expertise from different bodies.  What Ireland brings to the international stage, connecting working teacher experience with what’s coming down the line from European policy and how it might affect us, or offer opportunities.  The Teacher Academies coming on stream in the next few years to help teachers co-create and network across 27 member states, and how these European programmes will be actively seeking contributions from the grassroots – from educators like you and me.

Leo’s Plus One

A strategy of “problem solving calls” with one of two other people working outside education, to touch base once a month or so, to get different eyes from other sectors on what I’m doing or facing.



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