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Video Episode 9 - Donna Branigan on teaching in prison and working the dash…

June 14, 2021


Donna works as an Employment Trainer with WALK -

We discuss being a tough cookie, experiential learning, training learners as co -facilitators, a fabulous learning visualization called the staircase, jumping into holes, the love of self-learning.  Meeting the people at the back, and helping them come forward, especially with complex learning needs.  How learning about UDL really opened Donna’s eyes and pushed and challenged.  Ending up in prison – how it’s a “different” learning environment!


Walk_IRL REAL Ability winning the Aontas European Social Fund Special award -


I’m not there as a teacher.  I’m not there telling you how to think, how you should be learning, what you should know.  We’re all learning something to benefit from…


I don’t like safe…. I like waking up and going to work and not knowing what I’m getting, or how I’m going to do it.


The 8 steps staircase.  A great visual tool as people can see that they are moving upwards.

Where are you on the staircase today? 

Then set goals with deadlines to move up the steps… :

  1. I won’t do it
  2. I can’t do it
  3. I want to do it
  4. How do I do it?
  5. I’ll try to do it
  6. I can do it
  7. I will do it
  8. Yes! I did it!


Zig Ziglar “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude


Signposting – I heard 100, took 3 and decided to master 1 – Plus One in action!


Go to tools –


Socrative (online debating tool) -

TextHelp –

WriQ (Chrome add-in writing achievement tool) -

SpeechStream -

Kahoot –

JamBoard –


Inclusive Education in Low Income Countries – Roy McConkey – free PDF download -

Dr Temple Grandin - Thinking in pictures – my life with autism -

Temple Grandin – movie info at


Donna’s Plus One(s)


Run the day, or the day will run you – make some time for you, build in self care, especially when your home and work spaces are the same.

Work on the dash – on your gravestone will be the year you were born and the year you passed.  The dash in the middle is your life, the impact you had on others and the world.  So, work on the dash!

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