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Video Season 2 Episode 2 - Ann Foulds on sustainability

October 4, 2021



Ann Foulds recently joined the UCD Innovation Academy as a Facilitation Specialist and brings a varied set of career experiences to the role.  Ann has a degree in media & anthropology, has been a primary school teacher, is a trained journalist and experienced educator in several fields, is an educational advisor to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, and if all that isn’t enough, is also a qualified Samadhi yoga teacher.

Ann is passionate about sustainability and permaculture, is an experienced media & video producer and produced a fabulous Youtube series for children called "Plastic Free for Kids".

Plastic Free for Kids on Youtube - 

Books Ann recommends:

  • Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  • Ken Robinson - Anything he has written, spoke or been involved with.
  • Richard Louv - Last Child in the Woods,
  • Lorna Gold - Climate Generation: Awakening to our children's future
  • Oliver Jeffers - Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth

Ann's recommendations for CPD courses:

Contact Ann at:

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