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Video Episode 6 - David Price OBE on educational innovation

May 22, 2021


“Sharing what we make – the power of project-based learning”… We discuss how a Geordie musician from Jarrow who left school at 16 with a wooden plant-holder has survived 2 bouts of cancer, written 2 best-selling books on educational innovation as a self-taught author, and is now collaborating on a multi-media toolkit as a followup to “The Power of Us”.  Hear about one of the most amazing school’s in the world – the Líger Leadership Academy in Cambodia.   How a good editor improves your work, and why deadlines help focus.  How do we fix education to enable the young people who can change the world through informal learning & just doing it?  Working with Paul McCartney in Liverpool heading up the Institute of Performing Arts, helping start-up Musical Futures, setting up ripple effects. Influencing change through books, but also engaging with educators in innovative spaces like the UCD Innovation Academy.


Plus one – reach out to local organizations and tie your student projects in with real issues, like Austin’s Butterfly…  Yes, get out in the world, BUT also… “Above all, compassion”.


 “You’ve got to try and do something.  It’s no good just complaining about the education system – get in there and do what you can to change it.”

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Líger Leadership Academy – Phnom Penh -

Sofia Leal – 16 year old inventor of the Neigloo interviewed on YouTube -

Avi Shiffmann - 17 year old inventor of the world’s most popular covid-tracking website -

Austin’s butterfly -

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