Plus One Podcast

Video Episode 10 - Dr Linda Yang on intercultural development

June 22, 2021


We discuss Linda’s journey from Harbin China, through London, Durham and then to Dublin.  Changes in direction – academic to the practical, English language to intercultural studies, the hidden curriculum and the fundamental purpose of education.  It’s about attitude – learning never ends – faculty development is so important.  Establishing communities of practice, formal & informal learning.  Use frameworks for teaching & learning – like UDL. Adding diversity of teaching cases from different cultures into your curriculum, & personalising the learning journey for students. But… diversity doesn’t guarantee integration. Growing the Intercultural Development programme to being the first programme of its kind to be made available to all postgrad students in the School.  Key questions to ask your students in the end of term evaluations.  Being inspired by Temple Grandin.


“If the student sees this as a value, then they will put more effort to it…”


Key end of term evaluation questions:

  • What worked for you?
  • What didn’t work, and why?
  • What hasn’t been covered?
  • What else needs to be included?


Linda’s Plus One

“Have empathy for your students…Don’t judge them – postpone your judgement. What can you do to help the student learn better? ”.


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