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Audio - Season 2.6 - Episode 22 - Paul Hine from ”Made by Mortals” on using theatre for positive social change

July 23, 2022


My guest on the show is Paul Hine FRSA, who is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce - granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

His LinkedIn profile describes Paul as a Theatre Maker - someone who creates theatre and associated experiences.  Paul is Director of Made By Mortals, a company that bring's people's experience to life' through immersive (stuff that gets you right involved in the action) podcasts, films and musical theatre shows.

He teaches in community, non-profits and Health and Social Care workforce development – no mention here of “formal” educational institutions – which is one of the reasons I asked him onto the podcast.


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• Armchair Adventures podcast for kids - 
• Hilary Cottam – Radical Help - 

Paul’s Plus One

Something about how you can make sessions experiential and participatory- about the power of using participatory arts practice and how it can move people into the right space to learn and explore from. Something about working with people with lived experience.

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