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Video Season 2.8 Episode 24 - Tucker Colburn on independent education

August 13, 2022


Tucker is a thinker about education – why and how it should be done.  With 5 degrees and much research into teaching, learning and the process of education he founded his own school to put his ideas into practice, which makes for a fascinating and insight-packed discussion that any educator can take value from.  The benefits of self-paced learning vs everyone going through the process of learning at the same speed is explored.  Tucker dissects and opens up the weaknesses of the current “standard” educational system and poses some fascinating questions about the status quo and how it might be changed…



“I don’t do anything except get out of their way – they know what to do”


Tucker’s Plus One

Get to know your students and their parents as best you can. Make sure that they know you are on the child's side in everything you possibly can be (even when it rubs the administrators the wrong way). I can't tell you how often that has gotten the lens of scrutiny away from me, and for what it has done for my career. I'm now considered something of an expert in what I do and have been given the opportunity to conduct educational research regarding my methods.”



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Tucker’s school - The Independent School of the Mid-South -

Summerhill – Suffolk, UK – democratic school –

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