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Video Season 2.7 Episode 23 Jackie Carter - statistics, hybrid academia, empathy & excellence in teaching

July 30, 2022


We had a blast making this episode!  Professor Jackie Carter shows that being a Professor of Statistics is anything but scary and takes us through a fascinating squiggle career with loads of divergence, empathy and wonderful anecdotes about teaching, learning and doing things differently!

Jackie is author of "Work placements, internships and applied social research" - available on Amazon at 

She is also a Board member with the Urban Big Data Centre.

Books we should read:

How to find fulfilling work” by Roman Krznaric 

I am reading 'The New Power University' (2021) by Jonathan Grant which discusses the social purpose of 21st century higher education.

I read Stefan Collini's 'What are Universities for?' about 10 years ago and that is worth reading (and beautifully written).

And my next read is 'Miseducation' by the sociologist Diane Reay - who like me has had a working class route to where she is now.

Also because I am a huge advocate of self-reflection I would recommend Jennifer Moon's 'Using Story in Higher Education and Professional Development' which I have just bought.

And although it's not a book for educators per se I would recommend To Kill a Mockingbird - because it's the best book I know about seeing situations through others' perspectives. 

Jackie's "Plus One":

Celebrate learning. We focus so much on assessment but I focus on celebrating learning through the process of self-reflection, and creating opportunities (like a student half-day conference) so share our success stories. Celebrating learning also means acknowledging mistakes and learning from them - I am a huge fan of making mistakes!

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