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Video Season 2.8 Episode 25 - Samantha Mason-Vazquez - mindset & career transformation coach

August 27, 2022


Samantha Mason-Vazquez is a mindset and career transformation coach based in Colorado, USA.  Samantha has undergrad & Master’s degrees in psychology & also Fine Arts, and is also a Doctor of Law, and has an impressive list of clients including Google, Hewlett Packard and United Airlines. 

We spend a fascinating hour discussing her techniques and approaches to help people achieve personal transformation, and I even get a bit of coaching myself - scary stuff!

Her 2-word self-description is “perpetual student” which is probably a common thread for many of the guests on the podcast!  Samantha runs her business through her website

Samantha's Plus One

"Use Gratitude as a way to equalize where you are now with where you want to be."


Modernmind – Samantha’s website -  
Mindvalley -  
Jose Silva Method – 2 hr video introduced by Jose Silva on his Self-Help and Meditation technique -  
Creative Discovery Group -  

Books mentioned:

“Who moved my cheese?” – Spencer Johnson -  
“Outliers” - Malcolm Gladwell -  

Quote from Samantha:

“You take the steering wheel of your life, and you start steering…”

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