Plus One Podcast

Video Episode 11 - Dr Stephanie Doscher on making global learning universal

June 27, 2021


We discuss genetic makeup, nature vs nurture, teaching exposing you to different perspectives, layers of diversity.  Education giving us curiosity, agility, enquiry. Having a terrible memory, and following your nose…  The opportunity to give global perspective education without travelling. The process of discovery through writing… refining the thinking, taking away the words, focussing the ideas…   Taking ideas from different disciplines and applying them to education, and contributing to the dialogue, to the idea generation.  We explore the process of matchmaking which Stephanie facilitates through COIL, the skeleton protocol that educators and students plug into.  Icebreaking experiences,


Stephanie’s Plus One is icebreakers – exploring perspectives and leading into the collaborative task/experience.  Designing tasks with power equality, which requires everyone, and how are ideas exchanged and connected.  Directing students to connect all their ideas to co-create the outcome, and then mindfully reflecting on the outcome, because the learning happens in the reflection


Collaboration doesn’t happen by default – it happens by design”. 

 “Your way of seeing things is not the only way, and we can benefit from seeing things differently.

Getting to “The leanest, meanest way to say the thing

“It’s not about what to think, but how to think”

“Global learning is a  process that involves diverse people… in collaborative efforts… to understand, analyse and address complex problems that transcend borders.”






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